As I mentioned in our Checklist for Living Abroad post, Ken and I want to be more than just two gringos living in Panamá. While Ken is taking an intensive Spanish course, I am procrastinating taking lessons BUT reading all the books about Panama I can find, so I can have a deeper understanding of the people, culture, way of life, and current events.

This post is my reading list—it includes all of the (fiction and non-fiction) books about Panama that I’ve found to date. The top section features the books I’ve read and reviewed. My reviews include my opinion about each book, some info that I think will be helpful to others, and an affiliate link to buy the book (thanks in advance for using it as that’s the ONLY monetary compensation I get from this blog!).

A little context regarding my reviews—I’m intelligent, but not an intellect; I’m a woman, so I especially appreciate having an emotional connection; and I don’t take anything too seriously. Please keep in mind that the cliché about opinions is true—so you’re welcome to take mine or leave them and PLEASE contribute your own for the benefit of all!

The bottom section includes all of the books that are on my virtual To Be Read shelf. Am I missing any??? This is a SHARED resource, so PLEASE contact me if you have an addition to this library of books about Panama!

If you’re a reader who also wants to learn about Panama, bookmark this page and come back to check for updates!

Read & Reviewed:

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More Books About Panamá: