Must Read Quotient 50%
Difficulty 90%
Educational Value 20%
Snooze Factor 100%
Character Development 10%

Must Read Quotient—Overall value to an expat.
Difficulty—Amount of brain power needed to power through the book.
Educational Value—Level of contribution to your Panama education.
Snooze Factor—Likelihood of falling asleep while reading.
Character Development—Ability to connect with the book’s characters.

Highlights from The Darien Disaster

  • The Scottish sought to form a colony in the “New World” in order to participate in trade, which was severely restricted by the British at home.
  • Two separate journeys and groups went to Darien, both ending in disaster.
  • The very few who escaped the devastation and either returned home to Scotland or went elsewhere to build a life were treated as traitors.
  • Two primary reasons for the failure of the mission were 1) the naïveté and arrogance of the Scots and 2) the far reach of the British, who forbid their subjects and allies from helping the Scots.
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